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93 Brand
93 Brand Daruma Fight Shorts

93 Brand "Daruma" Fight Shorts

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  • Improved shorter design for improved movement
  • Fully sublimated graphics
  • Partially elasticated waistband
  • Stretch fabric body (100% polyester)
  • Reinforced split side seams
  • Slim profile waist closure
  • Internal drawstring

93 Brand's Daruma shorts take inspiration from the traditional Japanese dolls, which have rounded edges to ensure they never fall over without bouncing back upright. The Daruma mentality is one often cited by and inspiring to BJJ players. The face of these traditional dolls is where the front graphics comes from, and the kanji on the back leg is that which frequently accompanies the Daruma: Fall Down 7 Times, Stand Up 8.

93 Brand's Daruma fight shorts are built from a soft and smooth polyester that just slightly hugs your legs in order to reduce excess material (everybody hates when their training partner's toes or hands get caught on baggy, loose shorts). 93 Brand has developed a new cut, using shorter legs and shortened side vents to increase mobility. And it sure doesn't hurt that this comfortable new cut looks more modern and fitted. Thanks to the flexibility of the main fabric, the cut is in no way limiting or restricting, since the polyester material stretches with your body. To prevent the legs from folding upward while on your back or in closed guard, the side vents are also shortened.

The waist closure is perfect, utilizing a partially elasticated core throughout the rear half of the waistband. Just enough to keep your shorts firmly in place during wrestling scrambles or wild ground exchanges. Something many people take for granted is the waist closure. We've all dealt with bulky closure systems that dig into your gut, but once you use 93 Brand shorts, you'll never put up with that again. Whether you're inverting or playing sit-up guard, the slim-design two-way closure keeps your shorts' waistband perfectly in place without digging upward.

93 Brand 93 Brand 93 Brand "Daruma" Fight Shorts
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93 Brand "Daruma" Fight Shorts

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