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KD Elite
Beginners Rebreakable Board

Beginner's Rebreakable Board

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  • The equivalent of breaking one beginner board, which is about 75% of the resistance of a regular board
  • Can withstand over a thousand breaks
  • 10" wide x 8-3/8" high x .8"
  • Blue and red are both the same strength
  • Larger sides make it easier on the board holder
  • Save money with these boards
  • sold individually
The problem with most breaking boards is that after you use them, they're broken, and what do you do with breaking boards that are already broken? Well we have a solution for you.These rebreakable boards are just like hitting real wood, except that once you break them you can put them back together and use them again.It doesn't matter whether it's broken apart by adults, big kids, little kids, punches or kicks, the rebreakable boards can handle it.The tongue and lip design of the boards wont wear down, wont splinter and wont ever let you down.Whether its one break or one thousand, the rebreakable boards always come back for more.Stop spending money on regular wood boards that leave you with sawdust and kindling after a single use, get rebreakable boards.

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blumy.nuts Image Top 10
blumy.nuts - Joined 6/30/2010

I am a tae kwon do student and I was looking for a cheap rebreakable board. I found this one and knew that this was a great choice from the first time I broke it.

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Beginner's Rebreakable Board

Color: Blue
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