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PunchTown Rage Long Sleeve Rashguard

PunchTown "Rage" Long Sleeve Rashguard


This item is not currently available for purchase.
  • Flexible stretch fabric (lycra/spandex)
  • Fully sublimated graphics
  • Snug forearm compression
  • Elasticated waistband core
  • Grip lining along the waistband

PunchTown's Rage series delivers functional fight gear that gets the job done Whether you're grappling, drilling, conditioning, or doing all out MMA sparring, PunchTown's Rage series is up for the task. The Rage rashguard delivers function and comfort in a modest piece of compression gear that will also protect your skin and improve your muscle recovery.

Constructed from a comfortable stretch blend of lycra/spandex that's flexible enough to meet the intense demands of a modern training regimen. All graphics are fully sublimated. PunchTown's specialized panel construction allows for full range of motion with consistent compression throughout, cut to prevent any pulling or bunching at the joints. Forearm compression is snug to ensure your grips aren't worn down too quickly. The elastic waistband keeps your rashguard from riding up, while the silicon grip lining on its interior prevents shifting or twisting during your more dynamic rolls. The traditional neck tag has been replaced with a sublimated label - no more scratchy tags.

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PunchTown PunchTown PunchTown "Rage" Long Sleeve Rashguard
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PunchTown "Rage" Long Sleeve Rashguard

This product is not currently available for purchase.
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